Mr. Hanson welcomes requests for consulting for High Speed Digital Design and Electro Magnetic Interference and Compliance.


Mr. Hanson will meet with you on-site and/or via email and/or via fax.

He will review any key designs and unique requirements for your specific design.


High Speed Digital Design Consulting

Mr. Hanson will review the PCB Layout, parts placement and stack up and make recommendations for controlling Z0, Crosstalk, Ground Bounce, Transmission Line reflection, Bypassing termination, power delivery and clock control. He is happy to discuss and apply concepts from his High Speed Digital Design Seminar.



Mr. Hanson will review the design for radiation, immunity, ESD and grounding. This can be done for the PCB Level, the “black box” level or for a total system integration. 


Consulting Fees

$2500 for the first 8 hours; $200 for each additional hour.

For on-site, additional fee to cover Mr. Hanson’s travel expense including airfare, lodging, ground transportation and minor miscellaneous expenses. Mr. Hanson will provide a “not to exceed” amount for these travel expenses.


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Robert Hanson, M.S.E.E., President, Americom Seminars, Internationally Recognized Expert with over 40 years of experience.  Mr. Hanson's Qualifications

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